The Phoenix Odyssey

The Phoenix is a cursed ship.

Exiled to the Darkland Expanse, on the fringes of the known galaxy, its captain and crew have spent the last decade struggling just to stay alive. In a galaxy full of cruel gods, terrifying monsters and treacherous allies, though, survival is far from an easy task…

A serial space opera

Episode 1 – The Phoenix and the Dream King’s Heart

When the King of Dreams offers the crew of the Phoenix a bargain – retrieve his stolen heart in return for a key that may just get them home – Captain Asher Lee and his crew agree to launch a desperate mission across dimensions. When faced with an insane goddess and her army of quantum spiders, though, do they really have a chance?

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Episode 2 – The Phoenix and the Watcher’s Bargain

After their successful mission to recover the Dream King’s heart, Captain Asher Lee and his crew have returned to the Bastion space station Shadow with their prize – a catatonic young girl none of them understand. When the Watchers’ High Council calls in the debt Captain Lee owes them and takes possession of the Phoenix, the crew find themselves stranded. Will they be able to find a new ship before a swarm of dangerous creatures tracks them down?

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Episode 3 – The Phoenix and the Hunters of the Hall


After a narrow escape from the darkelings, a swarm of dangerous alien creatures intent on destroying them, Captain Asher Lee and the crew of the freeship Phoenix have come to the planet Ordash in order to buy parts and make repairs. When a group of fanatical warriors calling themselves the Hunters of the Hall capture Wicka Bay, the ship’s cyborg chief engineer, the crew are determined to get her back. Will they succeed in launching a desperate rescue attempt when their Watcher allies refuse to help and the trail of the kidnappers leads into the Darklands Expanse, a vast area of space where the very stars are now dark and cold?

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