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Nanowrimo Day 3 and a Guest Post

At the end of Day 3 I am just under 10k, 8640 to be exact:

2021 on Episode 5 of the Phoenix Odyssey (The Phoenix and the Last Bornsword)

827 on Soulreaper’s Dawn: Apprentice

596 on The Mad Queen

660 on Restoration: Redemption

0 on a short story, The Faerie Lady of Pinedale

Next couple of days I’ll be lucky to get 2k I should imagine, my parents and cousin are coming to stay so I’ll probably be busy with RL stuff. Otherwise, I’ll be hosting Eric Zawadzki and Matthew Schick from Four Moons Press for a guest post tomorrow evening, and they have kindly agreed to host one of mine over on their website:

So be sure to check it out!