Week in Review – 23rd to 29th October 2011

Here I go with another week in review post…



Okay, quite a pitiful week for writing, actually…

Sunday – 0

Monday – 2434

Tuesday – 2324

Wednesday – 2260

Thursday – 1221

Friday – 1246

Saturday – 400

My weekly total is: 9885

Not even 10k, which is pretty low for me. Still, I finished both projects I had planned for this month, which made it a bit less of a big deal.

I have also been spending quite a bit of time making plans for next year, with some pretty important challenges I have set myself. Chief amongst them being my intention to set myself a goal of 4000 words per day all of next year. That will be spread over six different projects. I’ll try and do a full post about this in the next few weeks. I’m also going to attempt a trial run in November during nanowrimo.

Next week, then, I’ll probably give myself tomorrow off and then kick off with the 4k words as of Tuesday 1st November!



One publication this week:

The Phoenix and the Hunters of the Hall

The Phoenix is a cursed ship. Exiled to the fringes of the galaxy, its crew struggle to survive in a galaxy filled with cruel gods and terrifying monsters. When a group of fanatics kidnap the ship’s cyborg chief engineer, the crew of the Phoenix launch a daring rescue to the Darklands Expanse, where the very stars are dark and cold… Episode 1.3 of the Phoenix Odyssey

Available from Amazon and Smashwords 

A couple of other Publishing / Marketing points:

* I submitted one of my short stories to a paying market magazine. From now on, each of my short stories will be submitted to a paying market. I will continue those submissions for a year. At the end of the year, every short that hasn’t been sold will go up for free under Mirrormask Fiction and be collected into an anthology.

* I have made all five short stories included in the Astonishing Fictions anthology free on Smashwords as part of my marketing experiment.

* I should have a few guest posts on this blog in the next few weeks and will be doing a couple of guest posts on others blogs. I’ll announce all of that here as and when.



This week, I finished:

Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell

(One of the earlier Kay Scarpetta thrillers, this one following a murder investigation that seems to have links to a recently deceased death row prisoner. Patricia does a great job of getting into her Scarpetta character’s head, and it was fun to see the developing relationship between her and her niece.)

First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde

(A good addition to the Thursday Next series, though the meta-elements of the story are fast becoming OTT – three different versions of Thursday, two of whom are literary characters based on the character from the books… right. Still, Fforde’s world building continues to be first rate and the story holds together. I’m interested to see what he does with the most recent novel in the series)

Crown of Stars by David Weber

(I started reading Mission of Honor recently only to realise that there seemed to be a lot going on that I wasn’t aware of. A quick check on Fantasy Book Critic’s review and I discovered that to really understand the last novel in the Honor Harrington series, it was a good idea to have read the two “spin-off” series of which Crown of Stars is the first. A great read, bringing us a whole novel of spies, genetic slaves and the theft of a whole planet. I love David Weber, he is my god.)



Not much, behind on Supernatural again. And I am so having Fringe withdrawal symptoms!



My gorgeous boy. Cuter and cuter every day. I can’t wait for my mum and dad to come next weekend so they can see him.


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