Week in Review – 9th to 15th October 2011

Since I am horrendously bad at maintaing a regular blog, I have decided for now to set myself a modest goal – one post per week, which I’m going to call A Week in Review. Each post will give me space to talk about what I’ve achieved in my writing, my publishing, my reading and other things going on in my life.



This was a good week :

Sunday – 2000

Monday – 3239

Tuesday – 3430

Wednesday – 2749

Thursday – 3241

Friday – 3583

Saturday – 2172

My weekly total is: 20400!

In terms of project advancement, I’ve gotten through a good chunk of the first Order novella. The Order series is an urban fantasy / horror / modern thriller, which I like to think of as Fringe meets Supernatural meets the Dresden Files. Two characters – an FBI analyst who has designed the first artificial intelligence and a Scottish wizard on the run from his own people – come together to foil a magical serial killer in the first “episode”. I’ll try and post an extract during the next week.

I’ve also been making progress on a science fiction short novel tentatively titled Restoration. Set in the far future, in a galaxy once ruled by a race known as the Hegemony, now freed from Occupation, it is about humanity’s attempts to rebuild a new order in the aftermath of all that destruction. That is also coming along quite well so far and I hope to have the first novel up by the end of the year.



Speaking of having stuff up…

Since this is my first post, I’ll note down all of the material currently available through my Mirrormask Fiction imprint:


The Phoenix Odyssey

The Phoenix and the Dream King’s Heart

The Phoenix and the Watchers’ Bargain


Fantasy Shorts

Poe Tader’s Revenge

The Endless Road

The Dreamreaver’s Last Hunt


Science Fiction Shorts

Phatal Attraction



Our Own Personal Gaia


All of these are currently available at each of the outlets and you can find the links on the individual pages. This week, I published Our Own Personal Gaia, a scifi tale about what happens when an alien race interferes with mankind’s attempts to terraform the galaxy.



This week, I finished:

Jedi Eclipse : Star Wars New Jedi Order 5 by James Luceno

(A decent follow up to the first of this duology which concerns itself mainly with Han Solo’s continued descent into darkness after the death of Chewie in the first book. I’ve been trying to catch up with these since I only read the first three books first time around)

Star Trek Vanguard: What Judgements Come by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

(A good continuation of the Vanguard story, which is one of – if not the – strongest ongoing storyline in the larger Star Trek universe at the moment. Compelling characters, an intriguing backstory and some kick ass cameos – which include the ill-fated original USS Defiant – made this a top read)

Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock

(A non-fiction book postulating a possible explanation for the dating problems associated with theGizapyramids, amongst other things. A bit dry at time, but with some intriguing ideas that may actually have fired up my imagination for some possible stories along the line)

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. 

(My favourite of the week, a lyrical, magical story set at the turn of the last century, about a circus and the two lovers whose deadly competition entwines itself with every member of the circus crew. A fantastic read, really touching, with just the right amount of description, action and mystery. )

An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham

(Took a bit of getting into as it has been so long since I read Book 2 that I had forgotten the back story of some of the characters. Once I had got myself back up to speed, though, Abraham did his usual job of worldbuilding, character intrigue and increasingly well written action set pieces to keep me reading right through to the end)



Spoiler alert for Fringe







Three words: Peter. Is. Back! I literally threw my hands in the air when that body plunged into the lake! Yay!

Otherwise, I really need to catch up with the new episodes of Supernatural.




Back to a relatively normal week this week with my wife watching our baby boy on Monday, a “nounou” – French for nanny – having him Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – and me having him on Friday. He’s such a cuty pie, gorgeous baby with a huge smile. He’s soon to get his first teeth in, which my wife spends her time checking to see whether it has come out yet.


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  1. That’s an excellent wrapup and wordcount total! Great format, too. Looking forward to seeing your progress next week.

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